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Sex Worker Manifesto

For a (prison, & border –) free society

In our capitalistic system, if you are not seen as a worker, you are not seen as fully human with a free will, a voice, or rights worth upholding. The compounded exploitation of working in a criminalized sector under capitalism leads to more precarious working and living conditions, isolation, stigma, and heightened violence as a result. We recognize and hold space for these experiences, and we commit ourselves to supporting the work of sex-worker-led movements who are navigating these difficult reality every day. The reasons or motivations of the workers involved in an industry shouldn’t be the center of concern, it should be on the systems that made someone work to survive, and to change the system so that no one has to. 

We acknowledge that:

  • All workers are exploited
  • Worker’s motivation or reasons for being workers in a certain field should not divide us, and does not exclude them from labor rights or organizing.
  • Our top concern is the most exploited workers and people, we will not be ignoring or uncritically accepting capital and state definitions of slavery or trafficking, we will be closely monitoring them and what they do to our fellow workers and human beings.
  • While the mainstream celebrates police raids as liberating slaves, we will be focused on the victims and the workers themselves. 
    • Instead of celebrating massage parlor raids like the Robert Kraft case, we will be focused on the fact that those women were all charged for prostitution, had their money and property taken by the state, were put in jail for weeks and made to cry from interrogation with the threat of deportation.
  • We will be working to give all exploited/abused workers free housing, basic needs, legal aid, and an end to their continued stolen wages, property, family separations, imprisonment, and deportations.
  • We refuse to be “white saviors” or to “speak for the voiceless,” because this is violent erasure. Instead we will build trust, understanding, and care for the most marginalized and persecuted, and give them our power and platform to speak for themselves and lead us. We will listen, learn, fund them, and cosign them.
  • The anti-full decrim crowd operates on the premise that all people involved in the sex trade are trafficked and are engaging in it because they are forced to. We operate on the premise that whether or not the premise is true or false is irrelevant. All workers regardless of coercion, and exploitation deserve rights 
  • If we do not stand for the exploited, unwilling, coerced, criminalized, forced workers, stolen wage laborer, this worker’s movement would be meaningless.

Instead of following the definitions and criteria of institutions that oppress the people….

We the people, we the workers

We will define what slavery is

We will define what freedom is, 

We will define what labor exploitation is,

We will DECIDE when enough is enough,

We will determine the criteria by which it is measured,

The institutions will bend to our will and our collective reality,

Or risk being overthrown or irrelevant