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*This page is a work in progress, keep checking back for updates!*

Hello sex workers, civilians, allies, lurking SWERF/TERFs, and curious normies alike, you’ve stumbled upon a sex work political education page. Our goal is to make you see and think about sex work in a different framework, to radicalize you, your discussions, associations, and politics.

Sex work is not a simple topic. Many people are unaware that the narratives they use about sex work has a history, underlying assumptions, and consequences. Sex work is really complicated, and intertwines with almost every other topic imaginable. Much of the information that we’ll be discussing here are not taught, are behind a paywall, or are hidden from the public’s knowledge.

Our main targets are what Laura María Agustín calls the “rescue industry”, what Nicola Mai calls “sexual/moral humanitarian”, and the “moral entrepreneur”. A collections of systems and people tied to a private governance that influences policy, narratives, and creates surveillance, prisons, and control over the general population. Below is a short list of things we plan to cover here.

We can’t talk about sex work without talking about the:

  • creation of “illegal” people, “illegal labor”, invisible/hidden/devalued labor, and resource extraction.
  • construction of the “social imaginary”, “the underground”, and general myths about the underclasses. classifications, divisions, and character tropes of the underclasses namely:
    • The laboring classes and dangerous classes
    • The good poors and the bad poors
    • The creation of the shameful poor and the undeserving poor
    • The criminal poor and the law abiding, white, clean, sober, and respectable poor
    • The true poor and the false poor
  • how the upper men and women *created* the poor by forcing and trapping them into classifications they created, and selling their suffering for voyeurism, ego, and mass consumption
  • segregation of mankind from the natural world. the hierarchy that defines “civilization” and the “civilized” as pure, as what it is not, as what it chooses to exclude. the classification that determined that the closer to “animal” something was the more “nonhuman” it was, the less a right a life it has. the more “animal-like”, and “savage” something could be classified, the more evil, sexual, sinful it was. the more “animal-like” a group is, the more segregation, confinement, holding them as property, and wholesale murdering them can be justified
  • the division of the good women, and the bad women. the social, economic, political lines and policing of domesticity, and “immoral women”.
  • the “moral empire” of the usa and to an extension the western world’s monopoly, violent dominance, and dictatorship on morality, freedom, and democracy. how do immoral empires, who are the biggest enslavers on the planet, with a strong contempt for actual democracy get away with defining the terms, and criteria that all countries are measured?